Latest news from the Beatty Research Group.

Seminar in Korea (GIST)

Dr. Beatty recently traveled to South Korea.  Dr. Inchan Kwon, Dean of Sciences at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), invited her to present her research on chemical tools for studying Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  Dr. Beatty enjoyed catching up with Dr. Kwon- they both completed their doctoral research with Dr. David Tirrell at Caltech.

Bioorganic GRC 2017

Dr. Beatty attended the Bioorganic GRC in New Hampshire.  She was invited to present a short talk on the new VIP tags project.  The program was excellent, in large part because of the amazing community of chemists in attendance.

VIP Tags Paper!

Hannah and Julia's paper has been accepted for publication in ChemBioChem!  This paper describes a heterodimeric coiled-coil pair (CoilY-CoilZ) for labeling proteins with bright fluorophores.  It is available online now:

Congratulations Dr. Tallman!!

Katie Tallman successfully defended her thesis in July.  She presented her research on the regulation of lipases and esterases in Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which she studied using a variety of fluorogenic probes. Congratulations Katie!



Congratulations Julia!

Julia passed her Qualifying Exam yesterday (July 14).  Congratulations Julia!  The lab celebrated with Happy Hour at Bambuza.  (And then Julia went back to the lab to inoculate cultures- wow!)

Welcome Summer Interns!

The Beatty group is happy to welcome two summer interns: Claire Pillsbury (Murdoch Scholar from Pacific University) and Jocelyn Orellana (CURE program, soon to be OSU).  Claire and Jocelyn will be working alongside Dr. Jon White to understand metabolic heterogeneity and reprogramming in pancreatic cancer. 

Research Week Speaker Award: Congrats Katie!

Katie Tallman received an Outstanding Oral Presentation award for her talk at OHSU Research Week 2016.  This award was given to the 10 best graduate student presenters based on scientific achievement, depth of knowledge, and presentation style.

ASBMB in San Diego

Dr. Beatty attended the April 2016 ASBMB ("Experimental Biology") meeting in San Diego, CA.  She gave a talk in Clifton Barry's session: "Biochemically-Informed Imaging in Drug Discovery".  The conference program was really amazing, and included seminars by Jackie Barton (Caltech), Erin Carlson (U Minn.), Xiaowei Zhuang (Harvard), Jennifer Prescher (UC Irvine), Valerie Mezrahi (U. of Cape Town), Jeremy Johnson (Butler), Dan Leahy (Johns Hopkins), Francis Collins (NIH), Ron Breaker (Yale), and Jennifer Kohler (UT Southwestern).  The career development opportunities at this meeting were excellent.

Keystone Conference: Tuberculosis Co-Morbidities and Immunopathologies

Dr. Beatty attended the 2016 TB Keystone meeting in Keystone, CO (Feb. 28-March 3). The organizers (Fortune, Hawn, and Kornfeld) did an excellent job on the program.  Dr. Beatty particularly enjoyed the presentations by Sarah Stanley (UC Berkeley), Kyu Rhee (Weill Cornell Medical College), Sarah Fortune (Harvard), Debra Lewinsohn (OHSU), and Ted Cohen (Yale).