Fall 2022, Prof. Beatty is the Course Director for BMSC 666 "Chemical Biology Innovators".  This graduate-level class provides a broad overview of the field of chemical biology.  The focus is on chemistry-mediated innovations that enable new biological discoveries.  Topics include: I. Lighting up Biology (GFP, small molecule probes); II. Analyzing enzyme classes (activity-based protein profiling); III. Metabolic engineering (bioorthogonal chemistry, unnatural amino acids); IV.  Nucleic acids; V. Controlling enzymes (Photopharmacology), and VI. Chemical Genetics. 

A strength of this course is that students demonstrate expertise in chemical biology through preparation of an original research proposal.  Students work on their proposals throughout the course before presenting their proposal to a “study section” at the end of the term.  A second strength of this course is that it highlights diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the field of chemical biology by focusing each topic on a different innovator.