Presentation Schedule

The Beatty group meets most friday mornings to share data, discuss projects, and plan for the future.  We meet in the Collaborative Life Sciences Building in conference room 3N003 at 8:30 am.                                                        

Date                     Topic/Presenter                          Breakfast                                    

July 6               Team VIP                                   KB

July 13              Matha Naganbabu                     MN

July 20              Data share                                 KB

July 27**            Data share

Aug. 3               Team VIP

Aug. 10             Data share

Aug. 16 (Th.)     Data share

Aug. 24             Manuscript Planning

Aug. 31**           Matha Naganbabu

Sept. 7              Team VIP

Sept. 14            WMIC Meeting (Seattle)

Sept. 21            Data share

Sept. 28**           Julia Doh

Oct. 5               Team VIP

Oct. 12              Data share


 **Monthly reports due