OHSU has requested that basic researchers halt all non-critical wet-lab work to better enable the hospital to respond to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.  In the Beatty lab, we were able to pause our experiments in March and are currently working from home.  Our first priority is to keep our friends, neighbors, and colleagues safe. We fortunately had N95 respirators in stock, which we gave to the hospital.  

We sincerely miss being at work, but are doing are best to accomplish goals from home.  For example, Julia is working hard to write up her dissertation.  The timeline to resume our lab work is unclear, but we look forward to getting back to it.  We are grateful to OHSU and Prof. Peter Barr-Gillespie (Chief Research Officer at OHSU) for keeping us updated and informed on the crisis and research impacts.   

--Kimberly Beatty (April 1, 2020)