Julia attended the M&M meeting in August 2019.  She enjoyed the meeting very much, and had this to say: 

"My talk abstract was awarded the Microscopy and Microanalysis Student Scholar Award and I presented at the Cutting Edge Microscopy in the Pacific Northwest session. I was additionally invited to deliver my talk at the PMCx60 which is a pre-conference networking event for students, postdocs and young investigators.

The meeting was focused on using electron microscopy as a research and analysis tool. I attended talks primarily focused on biological study using EM. There were a great number of correlative light and electron microscopy and 3D-EM talks which made me aware of what an expanding field it is. The sessions were very thoughtfully chaired, frequently by combining all fronts of a project (microscopy development, biological research, computation) towards goals such as creating a 3D EM map of a mouse brain or for studying the dynamics of the cell membrane for example. Overall I enjoyed the conference and I'm looking forward to my next chance to attend in the future."

Image courtesy of M&M.