Julia Doh, PhD (OHSU 2020)

Current position: Scientist at Transition Bio (Cambridge, MA)

Beatty group: PMCB/Chemical Biology Graduate Student (Spring 2015 - 2020)

Research Project:

Development of a new technology for imaging cellular proteins by light and electron microscopy

Recent Publications:

  • J.K. Doh, J.D. White, H.K. Zane, et al. "VIPER is a genetically encoded peptide tag for fluorescence and electron microscopy." PNAS 115 (51), 12961-12966 (2018).
  • H.K. Zane*, J.K. Doh*, C.A. Enns, K.E. Beatty. “Versatile interacting peptide (VIP) tags for labeling proteins with bright chemical reporters.”  ChemBioChem 18(5), 470-474 (2017).   


University of Washington, Seattle (B.S. in Microbiology)


Lynnwood, WA