Katie Tallman

Current Position:

Technology Specialist at McCoy Russell LLP

Beatty Lab: PMCB Graduate Student (2010 - 2016); PhD earned July 2016

Thesis Title:

The development and use of chemical tools to identify active mycobacterial esterases

Selected Publications:

  1. K.R. Tallman, S.R. Levine, K.E. Beatty.  “Small Molecule Probes Reveal Esterases with Persistent Activity in Dormant and Reactivating Mycobacterium tuberculosis.” ACS Infectious Diseases 9(2), 936-944 (2016).

  2. K.R. Tallman, S.R. Levine, K.E. Beatty.  “Identification of active lipases in Mycobacterium tuberculosis using new far-red fluorogenic probes.”  ACS Chemical Biology 11(7), 1810-1815 (2016).

  3. K.R. Tallman, K.E. Beatty.  “Far-Red Fluorogenic Probes for Esterase and Lipase Detection,” ChemBioChem, 16(1), 70-75 (2015). 



Western Washington University (B.S. in Biochemistry)


Tacoma, WA