Julia Doh and Kimberly Beatty attended ProbeFest 2018 at Janelia Research Campus.  This meeting was organized by Luke Lavis, Martin Schnerman, and Elizabeth New.  Kimberly gave a talk on the VIP tags ("A new technology for tracking cellular proteins at high resolution") and chaired a session ("Session 4: Click It").  Julia presented a poster on her recent CLEM work. 

Julia provided the photo of the Janelia lake and the following summary of the meeting, "At Janelia I loved how much artwork was displayed throughout the entire campus. It made me want to get some of my research professionally printed. Probefest was the best conference I had ever attended. The small size and organization made it very easy to befriend other researchers and approach professors. The talks were all very well done, however the final day of talks was my favorite, highlighting new discoveries with some very complex imaging. My favorite talks from Janelia were given by Erik Jorgensen, Kai Johnsson, Daniel Choquet, Michael VanNieuwenhze and Josh Vaughan."