The first 2017 Chemical Biology and Physiology Conference was held at OHSU from December 10 to 13.  Michael Cohen, Tom Scanlan, and Carsten Schultz organized the scientific program, which featured a series of great talks and a poster session.  Keynote talks were given by Craig Crews, Alanna Schepartz, Dirk Trauner, and Kevan Shokat.  Dr. Beatty presented a seminar titled "A new technology for tracking cellular proteins at high resolution" in "Session 5: Optical & Imaging Tools".  Other talks in Session 5 were given by Jin Zhang (UCSD), James Frank, and Jennifer Prescher (UC Irvine).  Julia Doh presented a poster.  The 2018 meeting will be held in Germany, with plans to have the 2019 meeting return to OHSU.